What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Thank you so much for the eye makeover, Eirini!! I’m feeling gorgeous and nearly causing car accidents… because I can’t stop looking at my eyes in the rear view. I love the eyelash lift and am so happy with how lush my lashes and brows look after the tinting. Looking forward to regular appointments.

Kate Merson
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Thank you so much Eirini, your attention to detail and experience is obvious with my results!
I bumped into a friend this morning and she said are you wearing makeup to school drop off? I said nope, just had a appointment last night at EVODA, then she asked for your details.

Brodie Liddell
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So impressed with my lashes!! I can see them now!! Thanks so much for a painless and relaxing service! First time I haven’t teared up or squirmed through a treatment!

Amy Copp
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